There have been many times during my years of chronic pain where I wondered, ‘Why didn’t I know that?’. Usually, the information is quite basic and I feel as though I’ve been deprived by never knowing something so crucial and important about my own body.

I was asked to view and give feedback before this thorough resource was released, and a few times, throughout the 284 minutes of run time, I asked myself, ‘Why didn’t I know that?’.

This DVD isn’t just about managing pain, but rather a clear and concise  resource for females… It should be put on some International educational agenda.

A chronic pain patient, and a team of multi-disciplinary professionals came together to create this DVD. They share over 50 years of experience in the women’s health related fields of, OB/GYN, Physical Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques and Human Sexuality.

The DVD doesn’t focus on Pudendal Neuralgia but it still provided some crucial information to help me understand chronic pain, learn more about my pelvis and the few techniques for self massage, abdominal breathing and other massage techniques have helped me greatly since.

It’s difficult to recommend a resource usually as so much information is transient these days, so few products have longevity and often I’m left wondering whether the information is even true. This resource is unlike that, instead having great substance, you know the encyclopedia kind?!

I recommended it, and I backed it up with a statement:

‘After viewing this incredible resource, I was astounded at how much more I learned about my pelvis. In the eight years I have been searching for relief of my own chronic pain, I have not come across such a thorough resource. The information is crucial for women whether in pain or not, but for those who are experiencing pain, there is finally some accurate, clear and most informative material available to them!’
– Soula Mantalvanos, Artist and Advocate for pelvic pain

Congratulations to Dr Echenberg, Karen Liberi, Alexandra Milspaw, patient Stephanie Yeager and the extended team who worked tirelessly for years to create this resource. Thank you for your mammoth efforts and for creating something so valuable for the world of chronic pelvic pain.

“…intended for women of all ages who are experiencing pain during intercourse without the ability to determine where the pain is coming from and why.

The information is also very important for women and teens who are not experiencing symptoms of pain but who may be at a high risk for developing these symptoms. Every woman should know this information for themselves and for their female loved ones…”

Contents of DVD from

Disc One:
1: Welcome Message     7:06
Hear from the Chronic Pelvic Pain sufferer who will walk this journey with you.
2: Content Providers: Explaining Pain     15:05
Health care professionals explain how pain is processed in the mind and body.
3: Pelvic, Genital, and Sexual Pain in Women     25:11
Learn the common yet often under-diagnosed interrelated triggers for pain the pelvis.
4: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction     12:34
The mind-body connection, how to live mindfully, and why it matters for healing chronic pain.
5: Vestibulitis or Vestibulodynia (Vulvodynia)     6:50
Learn about the number one cause of vaginal entrance pain, how you can self-test, and what to do about it.
6: The Pelvic Floor: An Overview     8:37
Introduction to the physical therapy component of the DVD. Learn about the threshold of pain and how to move it.
7: Posture and Breathing: The Abdomen     9:05
How breath and posture effect pelvic pain. Learn techniques for appropriate posture and breath.
8: Posture and Breathing: The Pelvic Floor     6:46
Abdominal and pelvic floor muscles work together. Learn relaxation breathing techniques to cue into the relaxation of the pelvic floor.

Disc Two:
9: Posture and Breathing: The Buttocks     2:15
Releasing clenched buttocks muscles.
10: Massage Techniques: Abdomen & Inside Thigh     8:38
Learn how abdominal and inside thigh muscles effect the pelvic floor and how to release this musculature through massage.
11: Trigger Point Release     9:32
Orientation to the exterior pelvic floor muscles and ball-techniques for releasing tension in these areas.
12: Stretching: Adductors, Hip Flexors, & Piriformis     8:01
How hip musculature influences the health and functionality of the pelvic floor. Learn safe and effective stretches for hip musculature.
13: Stretching: Adductors, Hip Flexors, & Piriformis Continued     22:45
Learn safe and effective stretches for hip musculature.
14: Pelvic Floor Muscle Control: Locating the Pelvic Floor   3:01
How to find your pelvic floor muscles.
15: Pelvic Floor Music Control: Relaxation     4:19
How to relax your pelvic floor muscles.
16: Pelvic Floor Music Control: Strengthening (Also Known as Kegels)     15:34
Introduction on why and how to safely strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Learn long-hold strengthening techniques.

Disc Three:
17: Practicing Short Holds     2:14
Learn short-hold pelvic floor muscle strengthening techniques.
18: Practicing Variable Holds     3:22
Learn how to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by variable holds.
19: Hip Strength: Hip Rotators     7:14
How hip strength effects the pelvic floor. Safe and effective hip musculature strengthening techniques.
20 Part 1: Hip Strength: Hip Abductors     6:13
Safe and effective hip musculature strengthening techniques.
20 Part 2: Hip Strength: Gluteus Maximus     5:17
Safe and effective hip musculature strengthening techniques.
21: Dilator Therapy: Our Body’s Natural Response to Pain 3:01
Introduction to dilator use for breaking the body’s pain cycle.
22: Dilator Therapy: Using Medical Grade Dilators     10:23
How to set up yourself and your space for dilator work and how to get started.
23: Dilator Therapy: Layer One     7:18
Addressing the first layer of the pelvic floor.

Disc Four:
24: Dilator Therapy: Layer Two     5:18
Addressing the second layer of the pelvic floor.
25: Dilator Therapy: Getting Advanced     2:35
When and how to simulate sex.
26: Dilator Therapy: Progressing Up     1:41
Progressing to the next size dilator.
27: Resuming Sex     1:28
When and how to resume sex.
28: Dilator Therapy: Tips     1:10
Additional dilator use tips for combining techniques and incorporating other positions.
29: Dilator Therapy: Cleaning the Dilators     2:38
Cleaning and storage of the dilators. How to increase scar tissue mobility after pelvic surgeries.
30: Prevention: Sports Related Injury     3:44
Preventing chronic pelvic pain disorders in young women.
31: Ongoing Treatment     8:48
Managing your ongoing treatment to maintain healthy pelvic function.

Bonus Feature: Carin Willis Interview with Dr. Echenberg  19:30
Carin Willis, IC Patient/Advocate & Founder/Executive Director of Bridge for Pelvic Pain, interviews Robert Echenberg, MD about IC/Chronic Pelvic Pain and using and integrative approach.

Bonus Feature: Neurobiology of Trauma     27:09
Alex Milspaw, PhD, LPC on the science behind how trauma effects our brain systems and how to reprogram your brain to heal from trauma.

Total run time: 284 Minutes

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