///Cake, Jennifer Aniston

Cake, Jennifer Aniston

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Claire Bennett (Jennifer Aniston) is in pain. Her physical pain is evident in the scars that line her body and the way she carries herself, wincing with each tentative step. She’s no good at hiding her emotional pain either. Blunt to the point of searing insult, Claire’s anger seethes out of her with nearly every interaction. She has driven away her husband, her friends — even her chronic-pain support group has kicked her out.

The only one left in Claire’s otherwise solitary existence is her housekeeper-cum-caretaker, Silvana (Academy Award nominee Adriana Barraza), who barely tolerates her boss’ need for liquor and prescription pills. But the suicide of Nina (Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick), one of Claire’s fellow chronic-pain group members, prompts another fixation. In pursuing questions about the death of a woman she barely knew, Claire explores the boundaries between life and death, abandonment and heartbreak, danger and salvation. As she inserts herself into the lives of Nina’s husband (Sam Worthington) and the son Nina left behind, Claire just might find salvation.

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  1. Lisa August 10, 2015 at 12:19 pm - Reply


    As you know, I have followed your journey with interest and empathy. You are a brave intelligent soul. I’m proud of you having the ability to articulate your journey consistently.

    I’ve been on this journey for fifteen years noww, not including my intail injury when I was younger that was managed.
    Sadly in 2000 I had a fall that fractured above and below a previous fusion at L3, L4&L5. Result of a car accident when I was 18. I was very lucky. This was a success. I looked after myself and moved forward to live a productive life managing my limitations. Being cautious to stay fit and healthy. I married, had two healthy Sons. I worked hard in my passion as a interior designer also renovations get homes for sale, hands on.
    Over time, keeping my mobility, health sacred. After a divorce. A wonderful Man entered my world who would become my second husband. Together we continued my pursuits, until one day I suffered a fall, fracturing above and below my previous fusions. Life was never to be the same again. I was left with a servere ” pars defect” that required further surgery.
    I had now been married for six years, together we had the gift of a beautiful 5 year old daughter. I was devastated . How was I going to care for her and my family?

    As you would have experienced, the terifieying scenarios given to me, especially due to previous major Surery were morbid to say the least. Stuck at home with stron pain meds that were not covering the pain had me at my wits end.
    My neck had also showed signs of neurological damage. I tried to hide it. I just wanted to move forward to be the Stong me inside, but the pain and weakness would consistently expose me to those around me.
    Eventually I had to come clean, I broke, yes, I shattered. My mind and body could not take it anymore. There was more to come. Family and friends left………..they liked the strong Lisa, weak Lisa was not on their radar. It was so lonley being honest. Drs suspected my situation aha along, so at least I gained greater medical support. When one has a strong personality it is so hard to admit to your self that this is all ‘real’, made even hardest by society judging you. How I wish so many could walk in my shoes for an hour!
    Every day I pray for a better day. I have the latest implant. I have great doctors. This will never go away. I have to accept it. My mobility is limited. I’m a different person, but I’m still me. I have friends who understand and accept me, I’m blessed. I can’t handle stress. My mind is easily overloaded as it is constantly dealing with the ” flight or fight” of pain signals. I have many coping mechanisms in my arsenal, but still not perfection.

    A smile or kind gesture goes a long way, I try to give many of these as I know what the simple things mean to me.

    Some days I don’t know how I can go on. The burning pain in my perineum , the sciatica in my leg. Numbness unexpected. Torture, yes torture, as my PM dr says, they use torture to break people in warfare! Yet here I am 24/7. My body betraying me. I’m still yougish, I love my family. I try with all my heart and soul to cope on top of what normal life throws me . God please give me strength . I’m feeling quite burnt out indeed.
    Cake, was a movie I enpathised with indeed. For many reasons. She made it through, thousands don’t ……

    • Soula August 10, 2015 at 10:02 pm - Reply

      My Dear Lisa,
      You sound like you’re hanging on by a thread writing that. You ‘nail it’ but I don’t think our bodies betray us, it’s an accident and we aren’t robots. Today’s society makes us feel guilty when we’re not marathon runners, it’s extra pressure we don’t need, not in our shoes anyway.
      Your comment is so real, it’s true that some of us don’t make it and live in a neverending nightmare. I’m currently seeking new treatment. I’m about to post what I’m learning on this part of the journey. I hope it’s of some help. Practitioners make all the difference for us, so does new treatment!
      I hope those coping mechanisms came out for you and tomorrow is a better day.
      Sending strength and also many thanks for supporting me with your very real words xx

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