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‘Ouch’ just doesn’t cut it!


I-feel-so-frustratedAnd neither does repeating, ‘it burns’, ‘it itches’, ‘it’s like fire’, ‘I get spasms’, or the various other words people in pain have to repeat for each consult in the effort to be understood.

Pain Train’s whole purpose is to help patients and their pain management teams communicate beyond these basic words. Pain Train saves the patient the additional pain of having to repeat their history and other related details at each appointment.

Pain Train offers patients a way to also show their friends and family their profiles in the hope they can also better understand their loved one’s experience.

Using ‘access tokens’, Pain Train creates a private and unique link with QR code. Patients can use this to share their profile ahead of their appointments. These ‘access tokens’ can also be revoked in the event the patient does not wish to continue sharing their profile.

Here is an access token example:

chartAccess Token – Doctor Humphries
created at: July 16, 2015, 10:47 p.m.
below code allows to view
Bob Patient case history 1W7GESDKA

To use this code please go to

Or use a QR code scanner

And on the issue of privacy and safety

Pain Train has been created with the highest possible security precautions. Pain Train is sitting on a secure server with its own IP address. Just look for the lock when you register/subscribe. But please read Pain Train’s Terms and Conditions first.

Feel empowered at your next appointment

Express your pain journey in your language, in your way.
Subscribe safely, create your private patient profile at:

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Definitions of pain

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What is Neuropathic pain?
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