Thank you PainAustralia and Chronic Pain Australia

You are invited to attend a special preview of a new feature film ‘Ambrosia’ by director Rhiannon Bannenberg presented during National Pain Week at Fox Studios on Thursday 23rd of July.

The film which deals with the psychological impact of chronic pain on a young woman’s life has been selected by hosts Painaustralia and Chronic Pain Australia to be a key event in the annual week-long festival.

National Pain Week 20 – 26 July aims to remove the stigma and silence around the invisible burden carried by those who suffer chronic pain and their carers. This screening of Ambrosia which adds to an Australia-wide line-up of activities will appeal to a very broad audience.

Tickets can only be purchased online before the event. Tickets will not be available on the night.

(Excerpt from YouTube site)

Published on 2 Jul 2015

India travels back to her childhood home ‘Ambrosia’ to spend time with her brother, boyfriend and long time childhood friend. It’s a place of comfort and memories that she hopes will calm her anxious mind.

Through the tranquil surrounds of Ambrosia a new face appears. And she calls herself Harry.

India and Harry form a curious bond, a friendship that grows only at dawn by the ocean. It is a companionship that India begins to enjoy, for her sleepless hours are no longer spent alone.

However India finds herself grappling with traumatic events of her past – events from her childhood that have affected her ever since. It becomes apparent to India that no one really understands its severity and its affect on her life.

Amidst her feelings of isolation and anxiety, Harry offers her comfort.

When Harry makes an introductory appearance at India’s house, her other friends appear to sweep Harry up with open arms. Before long, Harry has become part of their endless summer of make believes.

But it is in the guise of friendship that Harry begins to unravel bonds and test allegiances. India grows more and more unsettled as Harry’s presence taints the room of her childhood sanctuary.

As the holiday draws to a close India and the group are forced to confront the tragedies of the past. One a night of celebration and masquerade, secrets of their intertwined stories are revealed that will change them all forever.

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Coming soon to Australian cinemas.
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