About Pain Train — where it came from and why it works

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Our mission

Pain Train’s mission is to enable patients with chronic pain to record and store all relevant information about their pain, and to easily share that information with medical practitioners and others they choose to share it with.


Pain Train’s vision is to empower health practitioners and their patients, to improve the chronic pain journey.

What you can do on pain-train.com.au

Users of Pain Train can:

Place their medical information on the site — and edit it, review it, update it, etc;


(Image 1) Click on the body-chart to show the places the patient has pain, then click from options to describe and record the type and intensity of the pain;

access_token_slider(Image 2) Allow and revoke access so that anyone — most
likely, a health care practitioner, family member, or carer — to view their online {Pain}Train profile.

(Image 3) Record their mood and whether they are consuming or not consuming medication daily for a sample.

(Image 4) Keep an online record of how they’re going, what appointments they have attended, upload their x-rays and reports, and enter details about what they can and can’t do — for example: make a cup of tea, walk the dog, sit at a desk for an hour, or 4 hours.


Pain Train’s Yearly fee of $49

Each use of the site is free. And the user can have a free one-month trial of the site.

The Pain Train user pays an annual fee of $49 (Australian dollars) and less tax for International users.  The first payment is due on the first of:

  • the end of their one-month free trial period; or
  • when they first electronically invite anyone — most likely, a health care practitioner, family member, or carer — to view their online Pain Train profile.

The fee includes the Australian Goods and Services tax which only applies to Australian residents.

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Why Pain Train is different

Many online medical record systems have failed — despite significant government and corporate spending — due to concerns about privacy, “function creep”, lack of patient control, and more.

“Empowering patients with resources and encouraging them to participate actively in care/planning – so vital.” – Dr Nick Christelis Director, Victoria Pain Specialists
MBBCH, FRCA, FFPMRCA, FANZCA, FFPMANZCAPain Specialist Physician & Anaesthetist

Pain Train is different from the other online medical records storage sites because it springs from the experience of Soula Mantalvanos, a patient with chronic pain. Soula and her husband Theo founded Pain Train in 2014.