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Rachael West is a yoga teacher, facilitator and educator.

She is an accredited yoga teacher with Yoga Australia with roots in the Krishnamacharya lineage and in 2011 completed a University Diploma in Yogic Education (University of Lille, France) with first class honours.

As the only Australian to study this specialist practice area, Rachael is able to work in a unique space in health care: allowing each person to understand what wellness means to them and to develop the practices that will get them there.

Rachael has also graduated from a Circus in Performance qualification with Greentop Circus in Sheffield, England. Prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Curtin University, Australia) with first class honours and worked as a civil engineer and facilitator in the public and third sectors.

She is credited with creating the first Gentle Yoga for Fibromyalgia program in WA, allowing sufferers of chronic illness and persistent pain to gently resume exercise, manage the stress of their condition and build confidence in their bodies. The program is allowing them to re-discover their relationship with their bodies.

Changing how we feel about our bodies when they hurt

The Yoga for Pain program is available in person or online and helps those with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and persistent pain return to gentle exercise safely, manage the stress of their condition and feel confident about using their bodies.

With a special focus on body awareness and effortless movement, Yoga for Pain is helping people to reconnect with their bodies and change their relationship with pain.

Program details

The full program comprises:

2 specialist workshops to build your foundations for body awareness and mindful movement and to learn about the research into Yogic Education and pain management
12 tailored group classes to embed the benefits of regular practice
Private consults to personalise your practice to your body and your needs

About Part 1

Effortless movement and working with your body

An introduction to yogic physiology, yogic philosophy and gentle movement for people in pain – or a re-discovery of how you can approach yoga when your body no longer lets you practice as physically as you once did. Reconnect with your body to explore gentleness and effortlessness.  You may continue with a Gentle approach to yoga, or you may choose to transfer these concepts to more effortlessly participate in more physical and demanding practices.

    “Thank you once again for providing a wonderful time and safe exercise and relaxation.” (Rosemary Spark)

About Part 2
Yogic education, movement and perception of self

Deepen your understanding and ability to practice yoga postures (asana), pranayama (breathing) within a framework of yogic education. Physically, you can choose to stay at a gentle pace, or receive options for complex variations without losing the “yoga frame”. We also delve into the perception of ourselves, stress and the world that results when we are in pain, and what we can learn from yogic practices.

“The most valuable thing for me today was learning to accept what my body is capable of today.” (Ashlin McKenna)

About Part 3
New beginnings: continuous evolution of the selfPut everything you have learnt in parts one and two together with confidence to feel the progress you have made in body and mind.  Includes four weekly lessons and a final closing workshop, Befriending the body and cultivating a home practice.

To book
Join the online learning anytime here or contact Rachael for dates for the next face-to-face program.

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