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My interview with Pelvic Zen coming up this week


Sullivan Physical Therapy StaffI was contacted by Sullivan Physical Therapy a little while back, asking if they could have Sullivan Physical Therapy’s clinic listed on pudendalnerve.com.au. The clinic specialises in women’s and men’s health conditions related to the pelvic floor and is located in Austin Texas. But after visiting their websites and seeing all their amazing work, I offered that we take the post further and see if we could collaborate to create more awareness for pelvic pain, after all that is the purpose of my advocacy, and Sullivan Physical Therapy’s aim is to reach and help people with pelvic pain. And collaborate we can! These guys are so onto everything pelvic pain. Their therapists are actively organising their own radio shows, blogs, and this is the sort of social media that links perfectly with other supportive pelvic pain networks which then allows us all, to reach more people.

Caitlin McCurdy-Robinson Pelvic Zen, is a show designed to promote pelvic floor wellness in men and women. Caitlin McCurdy-Robinson, who hosts the show is a Physical Therapist at Sullivan Physical Therapy. This is our first collaboration event and you’re all invited to the interview. I will be speaking with Caitlin this week;

live on Thursday 10th at 5:30pm Austin, Texas (Central Standard Time) / Friday 11th 8:30am Melbourne Australia (Eastern Standard time).

Callers are welcome and the interview will remain online.

Sara K. Sauder PT, DPT, Sullivan Physical TherapyAnd a second collaboration, a written interview, will follow in the next couple of months, on BlogAboutPelvicPain.com.  A Blog About Pelvic Pain is another brilliant website run by Sullivan Physical Therapy’s Therapist, Sara K. Sauder. I’ll post again when the interview goes live as we are currently working on it.

These guys are right onto pelvic dysfunction, I’m so happy to be collaborating with such a brilliant team.

Read more about Sullivan Physical Therapy on their website, or here’s a glimpse of their physical therapy services:

Pelvic floor dysfunctions include: urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, constipation, chronic pelvic pain, sexual pain and other sexual related issues, and prenatal/postpartum pain.
While all of these conditions are common, many people suffer in silence because they do not realize treatments are available or because they are embarrassed to discuss their symptoms with a healthcare professional. Whether you are experiencing symptoms and don’t know what to do next or you are already seeking treatment for your symptoms, this show aims to provide information and resources that will be helpful to you in your recovery process.

Links to Sullivan Physical Therapy

Speak to you all, later this week!

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What is Pudendal Neuralgia (PN)?
Most simply put PN is Carpal Tunnel in the pelvis/buttocks. Compression of the Pudendal Nerve occurs after trauma to the pelvis and is aggravated with pressure. The pain is often described as a toothache like pain, with spasms, sensations of tingling, numbness, or burning. It can be very debilitating.

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