///Robert Wanek, Creating awareness for Chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain Conditions

Robert Wanek, Creating awareness for Chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain Conditions

I cyber met another amazing human being, Robert Wanek, who sadly has his own Chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain story to tell… and so brilliantly does he say it, I just had to include it on my website.

You can follow Robert’s journey on his website: malepelvicpain.weebly.com

Robert, I hope you escape this world of pain forever.

Anyone suffering from prostatitis, epididymitis, pelvic pain, orchalgia, or related conditions; follow my blog. Share your stories. On my blog is a macro of my journey over the past 6 months dealing with idiopathic Pelvic Pain. 4 doctors, countless tests, no progress. To see where I’m at now you can check my blog as I will be updating daily with PT appointments, holistic treatments, lifestyle changes, and of course updates on the pain. I hope to share stories from other sufferers and any treatments and research coming out in the near future.

All copyrights to the rightful owners. I do not own the song in this video. This video is for non-profit educational purposes, dealing with a major health issue.

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  1. Barry June 30, 2014 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Robert, I am Barry, the person Soula mentions that sent her the article is it PN or PNE
    FYI I was struck with PN after a bout of Pancreatitis and removal of my gallbladder. I also grew up with undiagnosed Scoliosis. While it is not possible to pinpoint how I got it, I had it real bad starting in 2007.
    After 20 different pain procedures :5-Gabglian, 6-Caudal, 2- Radio Frequency Ablations, 2 Botox Injections, 2 Neurostimulator tests, referall to the GW Pelvic Pain Center in Washington, DC, implant of a Bladder Stimulator- treating the muscle , NOT the nerve, I discovered PN. A trip to a specialist in New Hampshire (OBGYN) confirmed the diagnosis and I got my 1st targeted PN Block. TAll this after lying on my side massaging my anal sphincter that was on fire. Pain pills, patches- nothing worked and I was near suicidal. By remaining my ownAdvocate(with my incredible wife) I found the diagnosis and help. I received a total of 6 PN blocks- 3 in New Hampshire and 3 in Fairfax,VA,by a Radiologist that ran a pain clinic, and actually used a CT for needle placement. It’s been 3 years since I have had a block, and while not cured, am better. I still have the Interstim Neurostimulator that does nothing for the pain BUt does help the bladder symptoms. I have not worked since 2007, and am 59. This year I have had both Lumbar and Cervical Spinal Fusion surgeries, no doubt due to the undiagnosed Scoliosis- although I have worn a 3/4 inch build up in all my shoes since 1995. I don’t know if you are in Australia, or where, but I want you to know that for me, the targeted PN blocks helped a lot. While having sex is problematic, it is still possible- as after all, so much of it is from the brain. I wish you a pain free existence and much happiness in your life. Finally, remember, YOU ARE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE when it comes to Pudendal Nerve illness, and never stop looking for help. If you are in the US, I would be happy to communicate with you and share further information

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