I cyber met another amazing human being, Robert Wanek, who sadly has his own Chronic Prostatitis and Pelvic Pain story to tell… and so brilliantly does he say it, I just had to include it on my website.

You can follow Robert’s journey on his website: malepelvicpain.weebly.com

Robert, I hope you escape this world of pain forever.

Anyone suffering from prostatitis, epididymitis, pelvic pain, orchalgia, or related conditions; follow my blog. Share your stories. On my blog is a macro of my journey over the past 6 months dealing with idiopathic Pelvic Pain. 4 doctors, countless tests, no progress. To see where I’m at now you can check my blog as I will be updating daily with PT appointments, holistic treatments, lifestyle changes, and of course updates on the pain. I hope to share stories from other sufferers and any treatments and research coming out in the near future.

All copyrights to the rightful owners. I do not own the song in this video. This video is for non-profit educational purposes, dealing with a major health issue.