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Ease Pain Home Grab

Ease Pain Home Grab

I’ve mentioned many times that the cyber universe has been the reason for some brilliant introductions and friendships. Afterall, it’s a little tricky getting out and about physically when you have a health issue, but cyber communities still allow us to socialise and ultimately find a very empathic community.

Jane Muirhead, is an Occupational Therapist and Principal of Easpain. As a migraine and headache sufferer for many years herself, Jane understands what it is like to live with a long-term pain condition. She is committed to sharing the benefits she has received from positive lifestyle changes, including mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga with people who suffer from persistent pain conditions.

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What We do


For many people medication alone is not enough to really reduce the effects of persistent pain.   Any pain that has gone on longer than 3 – 6 months and is significantly interfering with your quality of life requires a broader approach.

That is why Easpain offers  a range of individual and group treatments, educational resources and products to help reduce the impact of chronic pain on individuals, their family, community and workplaces.

At Easpain we understand just how complex chronic pain is and will work with you to help you to make informed choices regarding your ongoing treatment and rehabilitation options.

This is all part of Easpain’s “whole person” oriented approach.

Reducing the Isolation

Feeling isolated and alone can be overwhelming for people who suffer with long term pain.

Easpain is committed to community education to raise awareness of the huge problem of chronic pain in our society.   Our aim is to educate health professionals, workplaces and the wider community about persistent pain conditions to reduce the stigma and sense of isolation experienced by so many.


Because being able to communicate with other people who have experienced or really understand chronic pain conditions can be such a relief, Easpain also aims to help people in pain to connect to others through support groups and other networking opportunities in Australia and further afield.

Sharing the Knowledge

We know that increased knowledge of your condition leads to greater empowerment.  So Easpain is also about sharing the latest research and uplifting stories from around the world about the best practices and new advances in treating and managing persistent pain conditions.

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