Thanks to Barry who contacted me in hope of creating awareness for male PN, I’ve been alerted to another great Pelvic Pain Centre, this time in California. Of course I can’t speak from first hand experience but what I’ve read shows great support and understanding and the therapists are open and welcome conversation on their site. Yes, questions are welcome and you can look forward to a response. I recently reposted their great story: How do I know if I have PN or PNE?

Here’s an excerpt from their site and a few direct links (the blog is a little tricky to navigate).

We are the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center

We specialize in physical therapy management of myofascial pelvic pain and pre- and postpartum women. We believe in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to diagnose and treat patients holistically. We support both the physical and emotional health of each patient and their families in a respectful and compassionate environment.

Pelvic pain search on

Clinic locations:

3515 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 | Phone: 510.922.9836 | Fax: 510.922.9949
2000 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 603, San Francisco, CA 94109 | Phone: 415.440.7600 | Fax: 415.440.6803
15047 Los Gatos Blvd Ste 180 Los Gatos, CA 95032 | Phone: 415.440.7600 | Fax 415.440.6803

Visit the Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Web site at:

Pelvic Health Rehab Centre