A dear friend (cyber) introduced me to Dr Nick Christelis. One of these days we’re going to meet, but in the meantime I’ll go ahead and include a post about this wonderful man and his associates.

My aim for this website is obviously to create awareness for Pudendal Neuralgia and any issue that relates to it. So far it’s been difficult and a very slow progress as far as getting practitioners/specialists to connect, listen and introduce themselves and share their learnings. Of course that does have a lot to do with these wonderful professionals being caught up in their work, but also their limited time to get stuck into social media. And this is what I’m loving about Dr Nick Christelis’s group, they’re using social media to meet and mingle, learn and spread word.

It gives me so much hope, not only for Pudendal Neuralgia but for other Chronic Pain disorders. If practitioners are able to connect to each other, listen to their patients and then share what they’ve learned, awareness and appropriate treatments will approach us much faster. Bring it all on!

Definitions of Pain is a must read for anyone who’s ever felt their descriptions of pain are not understood.

Download the pdf: Click here to view the reading material for Definitions of Pain Medicine

Or listen and watch Dr Nick Christelis’s talk on Vicpain’s YouTube Channel

Dr Nick Christelis

Staff Specialist in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Head of Pain Service
Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
Adjunct Lecturer Monash University, Australia