The NOI Neurodynamics and the Neuromatrix conference comes to Adelaide, Australia.

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Pain and stress are massive problems – not only financially for us all but because of what they do to work, family life, creativity and productivity. Let’s do something. Let’s try to close the knowledge gap which has opened up as the neuroscience revolution races away from standard clinical practice.

Following on from the success of our first international Neurodynamics and the Neuromatrix conference in the UK, NOI announces its second conference on 26th-28th April, 2012, in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia. Be prepared to have this conference bring the city and surrounds to you in a way that has never been done before.

We’ll have the juicy new neurosciences– plasticity, mirror neurones, pain and stress literacy, neuroscience-backed psychology, neuroimmunology, neurodynamics and movement/brain sciences from the world’s best. Try thinking of it more as a festival than a conference – the Woodstock of neuroscience!

But we’ll go much deeper to fulfil the conference aim of moving pain and stress management into the realm of neuroscience-backed biopsychosocial practice. This conference is chock-a-block with intellectual nourishment. Even the lunchtimes will be packed with art, meditation, neuroscience updates, dance, and learning about social media applications for healthcare and research, not to mention the parties!

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