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Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs most frequently in people who smoke, are over age 40, and have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels. In fact, about half of all people with diabetes and thousands of others who suffer from immune system disorders, infection, trauma, or alcoholism are expected to develop Peripheral Neuropathy.

Fortunately, Peripheral Neuropathy can be prevented or its progression slowed. By recognizing the early signs and symptoms, you can get prompt diagnosis and treatment.

You have come to the right place to learn about Peripheral Neuropathy. Here you will gain knowledge about what causes Peripheral Neuropathy and the various treatment options including nerve blocks, surgery, and the newest drugs used to manage Peripheral Neuropathy.

You will learn about the latest clinical advances in the management of Peripheral Neuropathy as well as about the treatment options that are available. You will also learn about the doctors, hospitals, and medical centers that are at the leading edge in conducting clinical research about Peripheral Neuropathy.

Information on ongoing clinical trials, a list of questions to ask your doctor, and a useful directory of resources and organizations that can help patients with Peripheral Neuropathy complete this report.

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