• Do you feel you could have been back at work if you had better treatment?
  • Are you astounded at some of the treatment and find it hard to believe this is an Australian system?
  • Feel traumatised after some appointments or phone calls?
  • Do you feel the WorkCover system makes it difficult rather than be helpful to recover and return to work?
  • Are you ignored, still waiting for your case manager’s reply from weeks ago (and wondering if they’re even still there)?
  • Are you lacking appropriate care and help?
  • Are you part of the WorkCover system and receive letters that state your payments or medical and like expenses are going to be terminated when you still can’t work and have a valid capacity report?
  • Have you had to attend Conciliation when you felt it was unnecessary?
  • Have you been told you have a ‘psychological condition’?
  • Have you heard many other poor and unnecessary comments that have aggravated you?
  • Do you feel the system actually makes your chances of recovery harder?
  • Do you find other ‘independent’ Government bodies associated with the system inconsistent and provide you with conflicting information?
  • Do you feel defeated, even looked down upon at times?

It’s probably the only ‘urge’ I’ll make on this site but in order to better our WorkCover system so we more effectively get injured workers better and back to work we have to speak up. The Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips has a direct email form on his profile page.

You are welcome to post here and start a conversation but please stay calm, keep it clean, I will not approve inappropriate comments!