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I often don’t feel like talking or explaining the same boring chronic pain story over and over. And I’m thinking there may be a few people out there who feel the same. So, here’s some artwork for you folks. Feel free to use it to order caps, t shirts, mugs, honestly, do whatever you want with it, just don’t take my name off or manipulate the artwork.

Oh, and pop me a message of thanks. Perhaps even come back with some images and I’ll create a pain gallery!!! Oh come on, let’s try and have some fun… what other choice do you have?

 Don’t bump me download  It hurts every day download
 Escape the birdcage download  In the birdcage download
Don’t Bump me, It Hurts Everyday and Birdcage artwork by Soula Mantalvanos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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  • Filipa

    I have just found your site via fbook. I was very drawn to your artwork and as a chronic pain sufferer I love the “don’t bump me” sign”! If I had a dollar for evey time I wanted to hold a sign on the bus saying this…..! I love your work, very inspiring. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hello Fillipa,
      What a lovely comment but terrible about the frustration. I know what you mean. And then of course the tightening up of our bodies (some form of protection apparently) makes the pain worse and we end up in a heap!
      I hope you\’re out of pain TODAY.
      Thank you for your gorgeous message.

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